Paycheck Protection Program Loans

PPP Loans from the SBA

Contacting our small business loan experts is your first step.

TFCU is accepting applications for the second round of the Paycheck Protection Program for first and second draw borrowers. Please contact one of our Business Lending Representatives today to start your PPP loan request process.

Where Do I Begin?

Fill Out Our Contact Form
If you are a first-draw or second-draw borrower under the PPP program, please provide us with more information by filling out this form.
We Quickly Contact You
One of our Business Lending Representatives will contact you within 24 to 36 hours of submitting your request.
Evaluate and Schedule
After you have submitted the appropriate PPP loan application and provide the supporting documentation, a TFCU Business Lending Representative will review all documentation and submit it to the SBA on your behalf.

Once approved, the Business Lending Representative will contact you to coordinate and finalize the PPP loan process. For a swift process, please ensure the PPP loan application is filled out in its entirety, and all supporting documentation is submitted to us.

TFCU Business Loan Experts Can Help You

At TFCU, our mission is to create economic opportunities for members of our community through resources and education. We believe that local businesses are essential to our community’s economic recovery, development, and growth.  


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What Do I Need As A First-Draw Applicant?

What Do I Need As A Second-Draw Applicant?

What Can I use PPP Funds For?

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