Business Bill Payer



Accomplish more with Small Business Bill Payer Service from TFCU!


A quick guide to paying all of your business bills online anytime, anywhere.

With TFCU’s Small Business Bill Payer, you always know where you stand… no matter where you’re standing!


Soon you’ll discover – with just a few clicks of the mouse – how quickly you can gain control of your bill paying activities, while getting rid of the traditional hassles of bill paying. Business Bill Payer gives you the ability to view and approve pending payments, track payment history and create audit trails. All while remaining in complete control of every bill and invoice your business makes.

Business Bill Payer gives you a fast, secure and easy way to pay any company or individual in the

U.S. from your business checking account.


The multi-tiered authority levels allow you to delegate payment functions to your trusted employees, so you can spend more time growing and managing your business. We know time is money and with Business Bill Payer from TFCU, you can keep track of your business finances and pay all of your bills from one convenient location.


Other features include:

  • Same day and next day payments
  • Earliest available payment date pre-fills to save you time
  • Eighteen months of payment history to help manage your finances
  • Extended 10:00 p.m., ET cutoff window for extra time to submit payments
  • Ability to pay multiple invoices with a single payment
  • Payment Guarantee protects you against fraud and late payments
  • Infused with the latest technology to keep your information secure
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere!

Getting Started

Once enrolled in Business Bill Payer, you or your trusted employees can set up, schedule and authorize payments of your business bills online.


STEP 1 – Set up Authorized Users

The person who enrolled in the service and is ultimately responsible for the business account is the primary account owner and a Level 1 user.

  • Click on the Administration tab to set up and manage authorized users by following the on-screen instructions.


STEP 2 – Adding a Bill


From the Payment Center, all users can click Add a Bill.

  • Select the type of biller to add and click Continue.
  • Enter information from your paper bill.
  • Click Add Bill then Finished.


STEP 3 – Scheduling a Payment


In the Payment Center, the Pay Bills section lists all current bills added in Business Bill Payer. All users can enter a payment amount and date the biller is to receive the payment.

  • The earliest available payment date will automatically pre-fill or, the user can click the calendar icon to choose a different payment date.
  • Click Make Payments
  • Verify the information and click Confirm Payments


STEP 4 – Authorizing Payments


In the Payment Center, all scheduled payments are either pending or unapproved.

  • Level 1 (account owner) and Level 2 users may approve unapproved payments.
  • Level 3 users – users who have limited authority – may add payments, which must be approved by a user of higher authority.

That’s it!