Financial Education and Management Links

TFCU understands the importance of providing quality and affordable financial products and services along with financial education for our members. We understand that your financial needs vary and change based on your age, your goals, and where you are in life. To ensure that we are providing the financial information you need, TFCU offers the following CUNA programs:


Googolplex offers three sites designed to appeal to our young members and their specific age groups both for reading level and interests.


The 5-Spot clubhouse helps our young members practice their saving, spending and sharing in a fun way.


Elementary students can:


  • Play games and read stories that introduce them to money concepts
  • Earn virtual money playing the activities
  • Spend their "money" decorating a personal virtual clubhouse
  • Read more than 40 stories about school, free time and using the Internet
  • Play more than 50 games including word play, puzzles, riddles, money fun and more!
  • Use four different calculators to understand savings, pet costs and more!
  • Learn about credit unions

AJ’s encourages creative interactions while educating about money and responsibility.


Middle school students can:


  • Vote on plot developments for the money management Kid Kred comic strip
  • Post notes to friends (monitored by CUNA staff)
  • Build their own super-hero identities
  • Read more than 75 stories about people, money, future and gear
  • Play more than 60 games, puzzles and trivia challenges
  • Use four different calculators to understand savings, spending and budgeting
  • Learn about credit unions



C-Note offers interactive features that teach money management skills.


High school students can:


  • Enter photo contests for a chance to win and save money
  • Reach out to others using a comment feature and blog posts (moderated by CUNA staff)
  • Watch more than 40 student-created videos that provide financial lessons
  • Read more than 50 stories about life, money, future and stuff
  • Play more than 50 games including puzzles, trivia, word play, speed challenges and more!
  • Use six different calculators to understand college savings, credit card interest, budgeting and more!

Guides to Independence offers a series of 17 interactive courses with activities and quizzes that teach our teenage members money management skills in a quick and fun format. Each time teens complete a course, they receive a free music download code worth 2-5 tunes from eMusic®- the number one retailer of independent music.


The following courses are available:


  • Credit Card Basics
  • How to Achieve Financial Goals
  • How to Balance a Checking Account
  • How to Budget Expenses
  • How to Budget Income
  • How to Buy a Used Car
  • How to Choose and Use a Credit Card
  • How to get a Loan
  • How to Invest in Stocks and Bonds
  • How to Manage Debt
  • How to Pay for School
  • How to Save and Invest Short-Term
  • How to Shop for Big-Ticket Items
  • How to Shop for Everyday Savings
  • How to Start a Checking Account
  • My Credit Union Where I Belong

Money Mix offers our members, ages 18 to 30, who are experiencing new life styles, careers and money management challenges, a one-stop personal finance resource. There are interactive features, blogs, videos and articles on topics that are important and help you develop valuable personal finance skills like budgeting. You can also track personal savings, budgets, financial goals and more.


Home & Family Finance Resource Center® helps members, ages 18 to 60, looking for credible financial information. It helps you make the right money management decisions by providing you with a one-stop online source for high-quality financial information developed by personal finance experts.


Home & Family Finance Resource Center provides information on:

  • Autos
  • Credit
  • Retirement
  • Housing
  • Small Business
  • Saving and Investing
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Money Management
  • Leisure/Travel
  • Consumer Protection
  • Taxes
  • Credit Unions

Plan It is a retirement planning Web site loaded with interactive tools and timely features, all backed by expert advice. More than an information source, it’s a take-action interactive site filled with financial calculators, charts, checklists, progress-tracking, tools, and short courses designed for anyone planning for retirement – specifically baby boomers ages 40 to 60.


Plan It helps members:


  • Test your knowledge and get helpful hints about getting financial records organized, building wealth and more
  • Create a personal profile, adjust variables to aid planning and adjust engage with dramatized couples
  • Track your own retirement savings, print personalized charts and make your own retirement to-do checklists

Anytime Adviser provides trustworthy financial advice, at your convenience, 24 hours a day! It is an interactive Web site that features seven expert financial coaches in English and Spanish. These interactive coaches walk and talk you through financial decisions.


Anytime Adviser offers the following expert financial coaches:


  • Couples and Money Coach
  • New Car Buying Coach
  • Used Car Buying Coach
  • Home Buying Coach
  • Checking Account Coach
  • Credit Management Coach
  • Identity Theft Coach


In addition, Credit Union Calculators offer 16 financial calculators which help members of all ages engage in financial planning, budgeting and purchasing decisions.
With all of these financial program options, available to you 24/7, and in the privacy of your own home, you never have to worry about making an uninformed financial decision again. We hope you take time to visit these links and familiarize yourself with the many options available to you.