How strong is your password?

Your password has grown with you, from the early days of creating an amusing dumb password, to one having your anniversary date or the name of your favorite sports team, it has changed with you. Hopefully, you have also learned to not write your password down on a post it next to your computer. Even if your password has gotten more sophisticated from “12345678” or “password” you are still probably making some mistakes.

Your password is a common word or phrase

It’s hard to remember passwords! That’s why many of us pick the name of our favorite food or mascot and simply replace some of the letters, like changing “i” with a “1”. This small trick to help you remember makes it easier for thieves to crack your password.


You use the same password across sites

We get it, if you can barely remember where you parked your car at the grocery store, remembering eight different passwords is going to be tough. Thieves depend on you making this lazy mistake.


Create a strong password with these few steps

1. Make sure your password doesn’t contain any information that can be easily found online. If your Facebook profile picture is of you in a Cowboys jersey please don’t use “Cowboy5!” as your password because it can easily be tied back to you.

2. Create a phrase as a password instead of one word. Think of a few words that can be formed together that are easy to remember, but hard for anyone to guess like, “ilikefuschiaelves”.

3. Be creative with characters, don’t just add a number or exclamation point at the end of your password.

4. Use two-factor identification. This will allow you to use text messages, email or apps to verify your information. For example when your change your password, you will be notified of the change via text-message to confirm it was really you who made the update.

5. When you sign up for our ID Safe program you are alerted immediately if your identity has been compromised. The best protection against hackers is at TFCU for only $6 a month. Learn more here.


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