Protect Your Tax Refund

Tax season is prime time for identity theft and fraud. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers around the world become victims of tax refund fraud each year.

Shut down scammers with comprehensive identity theft protection. Sign up for ID Safe for as low as $6 a month and not only protect your tax refund, but your identity.

Tax Refund Protection Tips:

1. File your tax return early. The best deterrent against tax return fraud is to file early and electronically.

2. Guard personal information. Store prior year tax returns on a secure, password-protected, external hard drive. Shred bills, mail or files with sensitive information.

3. Keep excellent records. Don't let scammers confuse you. Develop a good system for sorting receipts, bank statements, employer forms and other paperwork.

4. Remain vigilant against phone and email scams. Do not share your personal information unless you verify the source. The taxing authority will contact you by official post mail ONLY.

Identity theft claims more than 13 million victims a year. Don't become a statistic. Protect your personal information with ID Safe. Sign up today here.

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