Our TFCU History

Our credit union roots begin in 1936 when seven dedicated educators pledged their names, time and hard-earned money to establish El Paso Teacher’s Federal Credit Union (TFCU). The charter was signed on May 14, 1936 and by the end of the first year the credit union had 61 members and $2,135 in assets.

Hilton Hotel in El Paso, Texas 1930

Hilton Hotel, circa 1930 via the El Paso History Alliance

Cowgirl in Downtown El Paso 1939

Cowgirl hitches pony at Downtown El Paso parking meter, circa 1939, via National Geographic

1950 - 1969
The cooperative was able to open a second location in one of the founder’s homes in 1953 and by 1960 our membership had grown to 2,009 and $481,497 in assets.

Scenic Drive El Paso, Texas 1966

Scenic Drive, circa 1966 via the El Paso History Alliance

1970 - 1989

We faced new challenges in the 70s with the introduction of credit cards, student loans and travelers cheques. It was 1977 when TFCU opened its doors for the first time on a Saturday, one of the many changes it made to better fit members’ needs. New services were unveiled in the 80s such as ATMs and home improvement loans that allowed us to grow to 18,349 members and $30,008,895 in assets.

Downtown El Paso Streetcar 1970

Downtown El Paso streetcar circa 1970, via public domain archival image


The 90s proved to be a most rewarding, yet challenging era for the credit union. We merged with Ysleta Teachers Federal Credit Union, and more than doubled our members and assets. In 1992, the Board of Directors appointed Claudia Green to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Western Playland at Ascarate Park 1990

Western Playland at Ascarate Park, Circa 1990 via Facebook


The new century gave way for more products and services including free checking, bill payer, and an improved website. Recognizing a growing city a Northeast branch was opened in 2005.

Holidays in San Jacinto Plaza 2007

Holidays in San Jacinto Plaza, Circa 2007 via Al Braden


Proving to be a noteworthy year, 2014 began with the retirement of long-time president and CEO, Claudia Green. The Board of Directors selected Max Villaronga as new CEO. The credit union that started with 61 members grew to more than 57,000! Our early leaders allowed TFCU to build a lasting movement that serve future generations of El Pasoans.


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