TFCU Deposit ATMs

TFCU makes your life easier! You can now make cash or check deposits and withdrawals 24/7 with TFCU deposit ATMs.
It's easy and convenient:
  • No envelope required - insert cash and checks directly into the machine.
  • A scanned image of your check appears on the screen and is printed on your receipt.
  • Cash deposits are sorted and counted by the machine and are immediately credited to your account.
  • Let the ATM do the math for you! Deposits are totaled at the end of your transactions.
Visit one today!

East - Rojas branch - 12020 Rojas Dr.
East Central - Golden Key branch - 1226 Golden Key Circle
Far East - Joe Battle branch - 3600 Joe Battle
Lower Valley - Lomaland branch - 975 Lomaland
Northeast - Kenworthy branch - 9835 Kenworthy
West - Village Court branch - 100 Village Court at Osborne
Horizon - Horizon branch - 13781 Horizon Boulevard

How to get started:

  • Insert your TFCU debit card
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Insert cash using multiple bills or insert checks individually
  • Verify the amount you deposited
  • Take the receipt
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