Did you know that?

  • There are 13.1 million identity theft victims every year.
  • Identity theft claims a new victim, every two seconds.
  • 1 in 5 breach victims experience fraud.

Source: “2016 Identity Fraud: Fraud Hits an Inflection Point,” Javelin Strategy & Research.

The Keys to Your Identity Are Everywhere: Make Sure You’re Protected with ID Safe powered by CyberScoutTM.

If you’re not actively monitoring and protecting your identity, then you are at a high risk for becoming a fraud victim. Why? Because identity thieves and criminals have many ways to take advantage of your good name, from identity theft, tax fraud, financial fraud, medical fraud and more. All it takes is a few key pieces of your data. So how can you protect yourself?

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Continuous monitoring and personalized fraud protection for every part of your life
FraudScout is a comprehensive identity protection and management service from an industry-leading provider. The service delivers:    

  • Credit and fraud monitoring through Web-based services that scour millions of identity records and alert you to potential issues
  • Proactive educational resources for learning how to minimize risks before a crime occurs
  • Unlimited identity theft recovery assistance from dedicated fraud specialists with a 99 percent customer satisfaction rate
  • Document and identification replacement for critical items stolen or lost in a natural disaster.

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