New Online Banking Login Requirements (coming soon)

For your protection, TFCU will require that you enter a longer and more secure Passcode when logging into Online Banking.It is also necessary that you create a secondary Pass code when conducting high-risk transactions within the Online Banking system. High-risk transactions include transactions such as transferring funds and/or requesting a check from your account.

First time loging in after change is made...

When you first log in after we do the change. You will be prompted to create a passcode.

Secondary Passcode

You will also be required to create a secondary passcode. This secondary passcode will be used when conducting high risk transactions.

Secondary Passcode Continued

The secondary passcode must be between 6-10 characters long and it must include at least one number and one lowercase letter. It can not be the same as the primary passcode.


 These are only instructions!!! You will not be able to change your Passcode Here!