Convenience Services

PAT: Personal Audio Teller

PAT gives you instant telephone access to your TFCU account 24-hours-a-day. Here are just some of the most popular transactions you can conduct through PAT:

  • Transfer funds from your checking to savings
  • Obtain your account balances and transaction history
  • Check on cleared checks and withdrawals
  • Inquire about share certificates
  • Check current loan rates
  • Calculate your loan amortization

PAT - Your Personal Audio Teller...(915) 843-4PAT (4728)

CU Bill Payer

Paying your bills have never been easier! Discover the convenience of paying all of your bills online for FREE! And, enjoy the convenience of anytime/anywhere access to your bills while you are banking online.


Easy Access and Complete Control


With online payments, you can pay virtually any bill online - your mortgage, the phone bill, daycare fees and more. You can review your billing information when you want and pay then, or wait and pay later. Paying online keeps all of your billing information in one place, organized, accessible and ready for payment with the click of a mouse.


Simplify Your Life


Managing your monthly bills just got a whole lot easier. No checks. No stamps. No mounds of paper to sort through and file. Imagine not having to rummage through piles of mail to find the bills you need, or running out to buy stamps to mail your payment. Sign up for online CU Bill Payer today and simplify your life.


For help you may call us at: 1-888-918-7553

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Direct Deposit

With Direct Deposit you will no longer need to stand in line to deposit your paycheck. Your money will be automatically deposited into your account as early as 1:30 am on your payday giving you immediate access to your funds through an ATM and/or the Visa Check Card. Ask your employer about providing Direct Deposit for you today!.

ACH Origination

ACH origination saves you time by electronically transferring funds from one of your financial institutions to another. Once you initiate an ACH Origination Agreement with TFCU, your monthly payments or deposits can be electronically transferred to your TFCU account.