Youth Accounts

By depositing $25 into a share savings account, your children can begin learning the habit of saving money in an account designed especially for them. For more information, call (915) 843-TFCU (8328).

Super Heroes Club Savings Accounts

TFCU can help you teach your elementary school children how to handle their money. One way to begin this endeavor is to open a Super Heroes Club Savings Account to encourage positive savings habits. TFCU has three programs to get your child started on the right financial path:

  • The Super Heroes Club
  • Mighty Tots is for children up to age five.
  • Power Kids is for children from age six to 12.
  • The Student Savings Account is for teenagers 13 to 18.

One of the benefits of having a Student Savings Account is the opportunity for your teenager to apply for one of the five $1000 education scholarships awarded to our teen members by TFCU every year.


Also visit Googolplex on our web site. It contains stories, games and puzzles for elementary, middle, and high school students. It's all about money - getting it, saving it, spending it and borrowing it. Have your children read Googolplex today and come back regularly.