Fee Schedule

Convenience Cards

Gift Cards$2.95
Reloadable Card$10.00
Reload Fee$5.00
Travel Card$10.00

Savings Account Fees

Savings Account Withdrawal$1.00 per Withdrawal after six (6) per month
Gem Savings Account Service$8.00 per month

Other Service Fees (Applicable to all accounts)

Account History Printout$5.00 per 5 days of history
Account Closure$20.00 (if opened less than six (6) months)
Account Reconciliation$20.00 per hour
Account Research$20.00 per hour
Attorney Letter/Collection$50.00 per letter
Check Photocopy$3.00 per item
Corporate Check$3.00 per check; $1.50 Prime and Gem
Guaranteed Signature$5.00
Inactive Account$5.00 per month (withdrawn after one (1) year inactive period)
Insufficient Funds Fee Loan Payment Reversal$30.00 per item
***Insufficient Funds Fee$30.00 per Item
Money Order

$3.00 per Money Order; $1.50 Prime and Gem

Non-Member Check Cashing Fee$3.00
Non-Member Credit Card Cash Advance$10.00 per transaction
Payments from external accounts Visa, MC (debit card only)$4.95
Payments from external accounts Visa, MC (credit card only)4.00 %
Payments from external accounts ACH$4.95
Returned Mail Fee$1.00 per item
Runner Collection for Insufficient Funds Fee$10.00 per item
Statement Copy$5.00 per statement
Statement Fee$1.00
Stop Payment ACH/Corporate Check$30.00 per item
Telephone Transfer$3.00 per call (three (3) free telephone transfers for Prime members)
Verification of Deposit$10.00 per item
MasterCard Debit Card Replacement$5.00
Western Union$15.00
Wire Transfer (Incoming)$5.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)$15.00 per transfer; $7.50 Prime and Gem

Checking Account Fees

Bill PayerNo charge per month
Check Printing (Clarke American)Prices may vary depending upon style
Checking Account ServiceNo Charge with Direct Deposit. $4.00 per month if

the minimum balance is not maintained.

Gem Checking Account Service$8.00 per month
***Courtesy Pay$30.00 per item
Insufficient Funds$30.00 per item
PayLyn Insufficient Funds Fees$22.00 per item
Re-Enter for Insufficient Funds Fees Items$30.00 per item
Stop Payment/Personal or Corporate Check$30.00 per item

Stop Payment for Series of Checks in Sequence

$30.00 per series

EFT Fees

***ACH or ATM Insufficient Funds Fee$30.00 per item
ACH Exception$10.00 per item
ATM Foreign Transaction$2.00 per transaction

Overdraft Protection Fee

Line of Credit Advance (Increments of $100.00)$5.00 per advance

Safe Deposit Box Fees

5 x 10 Box$45.00
10 x 10 Box$80.00
*Emergency Drill Schedule (Member No-Show)$100.00
Key Deposit$25.00
Lost Key (1)$9.00
Both Keys Lost (Lock Replacement and/or *Emergency Drill)$100.00

*Emergency Drill – Includes opening lock, lock Repair, 2 keys, PAK envelope, and basic service call. This fee will only be charged when no other service is performed.
***Fee applies when insufficient funds are created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

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