Fee Schedule

Convenience Cards

Gift CardsNo Longer Offered
Travel Card$10.00

Savings Account Fees

Savings Account Withdrawal$1.00 per Withdrawal after six (6) per month
Gem Savings Account Service$8.00 per month

Other Service Fees (Applicable to all accounts)

Account History Printout$5.00 per 5 days of history
Account Closure$25.00 (if opened less than six (6) months)
Account Reconciliation$20.00 per hour
Account Research$30.00 per hour
Attorney Letter/Collection$75.00 per letter
Check Photocopy$3.00 per item
Corporate Check$5.00 per check; $2.50 Prime and Gem
Guaranteed Signature$25.00 each
Inactive Account$5.00 per month (withdrawn after one (1) year inactive period)
Insufficient Funds Fee Loan Payment Reversal$30.00 per item
***Insufficient Funds Fee$30.00 per Item
Money Order

$5.00 per Money Order; $2.50 Prime and Gem

Non-Member Check Cashing Fee$3.00
Non-Member Credit Card Cash Advance$10.00 per transaction
Notary Fee$6.00
Payments from external accounts Visa, MC (debit card only)$4.95
Payments from external accounts Visa, MC, Discover (credit card only)4.00 %
Payments from external accounts ACH$4.95
Returned Mail Fee$5.00 per item
Runner Collection for Insufficient Funds Fee$10.00 per item
Skip-A-Payment Fee$30.00 each
Statement Copy$5.00 per statement
Statement Fee$1.00
Stop Payment ACH/Corporate Check$50.00 per item
Telephone Transfer$3.00 per call (three (3) free telephone transfers for Prime members)
Verification of Deposit$25.00 per item
MasterCard Debit Card Replacement$5.00
Western Union$15.00
Wire Transfer (Incoming)Free
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)$30.00 per transfer; $15.00 Prime and Gem
Wire Transfer (Outgoing - International)$50.00 per transfer

Checking Account Fees

Bill PayerNo charge per month
Business Bill PayerNo charge per month
Check Printing (Clarke American)Prices may vary depending upon style
Checking Account ServiceFree
Gem Checking Account Service$8.00 per month
***Courtesy Pay$30.00 per item
Insufficient Funds$30.00 per item
PayLyn Insufficient Funds Fees$22.00 per item
Re-Enter for Insufficient Funds Fees Items$30.00 per item
Stop Payment ACH/Personal Check$30.00 per item

Stop Payment for Series of Checks in Sequence

$30.00 per series

EFT Fees

***ACH or ATM Insufficient Funds Fee$30.00 per item
ACH Exception$10.00 per item
ATM Foreign Transaction$5.00 per transaction

Overdraft Protection Fee

Line of Credit Advance (Increments of $100.00)$5.00 per advance

Safe Deposit Box Fees

5 x 10 Box$50.00
10 x 10 Box$100.00
*Emergency Drill Schedule (Member No-Show)$100.00
Key Deposit$25.00
Lost Key (1)$9.00
Both Keys Lost (Lock Replacement and/or *Emergency Drill)$100.00

*Emergency Drill – Includes opening lock, lock Repair, 2 keys, PAK envelope, and basic service call. This fee will only be charged when no other service is performed.
***Fee applies when insufficient funds are created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

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